Pretty photos of buildings, and the stories behind them.

When the sun sets over Carlton

To steal a line from the Skyhooks, there is a lot to see when the sun sets over Carlton. 1960s concrete Housing Commission towers. Jeff Kennett’s legacy in the Melbourne Museum ‘blade’. The dome of the Royal Exhibition Building. ICI House and St Patrick’s Cathedral. The east end of the CBD. And finally, the west […]

Melbourne’s Windsor Hotel from all angles

Normally Melbourne’s Windsor Hotel is viewed from the front entrance on Spring Street. Where trams trundle past on their loop of the city. You might look at it from the south-east corner, where Little Collins and Spring Streets meet. Or from the steps of Parliament House, where numerous skyscrapers loom large overhead. However the side […]

Melbourne sunrise – from the south?

Watching the sun rise in the east, then set in the west – you’d think it is simple, but sometimes it isn’t.

Sunrise on Bourke Street

Threatening cracks at another neglected building

On 28th March 2013 a neglected wall at the CUB Brewery site fell onto Swanston Street, killing three pedestrians. So how many other abandoned buildings around Melbourne are at risk of falling over? I found one at the corner of Abbotsford Street and Flemington Road in North Melbourne recently, attracted by the ‘Wheelwright’ and ‘Shoeing Forge’ signs on the facade.

Massive crack in the facade of 243-251 Flemington Road, North Melbourne

Demolishing the old Royal Children’s Hospital

I mentioned the former Royal Children’s Hospital building in a blog post last year titled ‘Abandoned hospitals of Melbourne’ – so what has come of the site?

'Royal Children's Hospital' spelt out on the main building