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A legitimate case of package downsizing

The other day I cracked open a new box of headache tablets and noticed something odd – two empty slots in the foil blister pack inside. It didn’t seem right, so I had a look at the old packet sitting in the bathroom. Sneaky I thought – Herron had dropped the number of tablets per […]

Another 15 minutes of fame

It looks like my blog post yesterday about confronting a racist guy on the tram got a bit of attention, with almost 8,000 views of my blog during the day. It also got a run in The Age – Yarra Trams investigates alleged racial abuse – which also got a number of views (at least […]

Telling a racist where to go

Last night I was headed out of the city on a packed route 57 tram, along with the usual Wednesday night crowd of people headed for the night market held at the Queen Victoria Market. Among them were a number of people chattering away in a foreign language, when a tattoo covered troglodyte said under […]

Ardeer and the kink in the Western Ring Road

If you spend any time driving around the western suburbs of Melbourne, getting stuck in traffic along the Western Ring Road is an ordeal that will be very familiar to you. Viewed on a map the freeway looks just like the name suggests, a ring around the middle suburbs of Melbourne, except for a major […]

Fairfax: coincidence, or cash for comment?

When flicking through the ‘Money’ section of Melbourne newspaper The Age it’s isn’t uncommon to find full page advertisements for financial products, such as this one for Challenger Annuities in the October 30, 2013 edition. However I was surprised when I turned the page, and found a half page article by John Collett, detailing how […]