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Myki and the Hunchback of Notre Dame

‘Everyone do the Myki hunch’ – it’s the only way for a person of average height to read the touchscreen on the ticket machine. So why are the machines so bloody low?

'Everyone do the Myki hunch' (it's the only way for a person of average height to read the screen of a CVM)

Southern Cross Station and dodgy glue

Southern Cross Station: over the past few years it seems like all they have been doing is construction work, but according to the Victorian Auditor General, the station was actually ‘completed’ on 1 August 2006. That was the day that the state government’s Southern Cross Station Authority handed over management of the station to Civic […]

DDA non-compliance at Southern Cross

If you haven’t heard the acronym ‘DDA’ before, then it stands for the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. The Act makes disability discrimination unlawful, and from a transport perspective, aims to promote equal access for people with disabilities. On the Melbourne rail network the most visible outcomes of DDA compliance are the ‘bumps’ that line the edge of most platforms – the official term is ‘Tactile Ground Surface Indicators’. So what are they up to at Southern Cross Station?

Tactile paving on a railway station platform