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Melbourne Metro – details finally revealed?

In recent years the Melbourne Metro rail tunnel has been an on and off again project, which to the public has just been a line drawn north-south over a map of the Melbourne CBD. I pieced together whatever plans I could find a few years ago, but the recent publication of the Melbourne Metro business case dated December 2011 was a big win – it features the gory technical details I have been hanging out for. So let’s take a look!

Figure 5-8 Concept for CBD North Station

The pointlessness of voting in the Flinders Street Station design competition

Yesterday the big media announcement was the six shortlisted designs for the redevelopment of Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station were revealing. But what will the public judging process actually deliver?

Biggest. Cliché. Ever.

Queuing through intersections – Melbourne’s latest fad?

From the time I spend walking around the Melbourne CBD to and from work, it seems that the latest fad for motorists is queuing through intersections.

Dimwit blocks the pedestrian crossing at Swanston and Collins Streets

Melbourne Metro rail tunnel: how about some actual detail?

Over the weekend an article titled Tunnel under city or face rail chaos appeared in Melbourne newspaper The Age. So who came up with the tunnel idea, and where are they planning to actually build it?

CBD South station, cutaway view at Flinders Street end

On ya bike to Flinders Street Station?

Every time I walk past Flinders Street Station I see bikes chained up to the railing, and I think to myself “why would you leave you bike here?” Plenty of people ride bikes to suburban railway stations because that is the only way to get there other than driving, but anywhere within cycling distance of […]