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Victorian Government propaganda moves fast

Back in late 2013 the State Liberal Government released a new transport propaganda campaign titled “Moving Victoria” – and new advertisements soon appeared around Melbourne. All up at least $3.2 million has been spent on the campaign – and recent election promises are already part of it.

Poster for the Liberal Government's 'Moving Victoria' campaign, featuring the E class trams

How Australia used to pay for infrastructure

With the 2013 Victorian and Federal budgets having been released in the past week, the spotlight is on funding major infrastructure projects across Australia. So how does the government pay for the big infrastructure projects we need to avoid choking on our own growth? And how did we do it in the old days?

"You have two weeks to leave your mark on Melbourne, forever"

PTV website redesign, and a trail of broken links

On 21 April 2013 Public Transport Victoria launched their new public transport information website, but they missed one big item in the move to the new website – making sure all of their old links continued to work.

'Page not found' error for an old URL on the PTV website

Compulsorily acquired at Middle Footscray

Last week I told the story of how Melbourne’s Middle Footscray station came to be and why more tracks are needed – today we step into the future and look at what will be built as part of the Regional Rail Link project.

Buckley Street triangle viewed from the railway footbridge

Victorian Government propaganda (It’s part of the plan)

If you have have lived in Victoria anytime over the past two years, this cloud motif should be very familiar to you.

Directional signage at Footscray

I hope I am not the only one seeing subliminal messages up in the clouds.