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Regional Rail Link to skip Sunshine station?

As part of the Regional Rail Link project, platforms were built on the new tracks at just two stations: Footscray and Sunshine. With an inconvenient interchange at Footscray and no platforms at North Melbourne, Sunshine is the stand out station for passenger convenience. Citybound V/Line services stop at platform 3, where it is just a […]

Change at Footscray for the City Loop?

With no platforms for the Regional Rail Link tracks at North Melbourne, V/Line trains no longer stop at the station, forcing passengers for the City Loop to change trains at Footscray instead. So how much harder is this transfer for commuters? With the current setup at Footscray, each set of platforms is in effect a […]

Regional Rail Link platforms and North Melbourne

As part of the construction of Regional Rail Link, V/Line trains that once stopped at North Melbourne now bypass the station, forcing passengers to change trains elsewhere. So why was the stop removed? The reason was the separation of V/Line trains from the existing suburban tracks, removing the delays that used to occur when country […]

Those little plastic bumps along railway platforms

Have you ever wondered about those little plastic bumps along the edge of railway station platforms, and how they are installed? Officially known as Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSIs), installing the little plastic things takes a whole crew of workers. First the old yellow painted line is ground off the platform. Then a steel straightedge […]

What happened to Metro’s station staff promise?

Back in November 2009, Metro Trains Melbourne took over the operation of Melbourne’s suburban rail network, and bringing with them a long list of promised improvements to the system. So how well has one of these promises fared? Improving staffing levels on the network was one promise Metro made, as found in this media release […]