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Still more shops at Southern Cross Station

Over the years I have been following the slow bastardisation of Southern Cross Station, as ticket barriers funnel passengers through narrow passageways, shops fill previously open spaces, and ‘pop up’ events block day to day commuters. Unfortunately these inconveniences have continued to spread, as recent works on the Bourke Street Bridge show. What are they […]

Polishing a turd – PTV is rebranding Myki

If you know anything about public transport in Melbourne, you know the go to solution for ‘fixing’ any issue is spending big dollars on a rebranding – a classic case of fire and motion, or to put it less poetically – polishing a turd. We are currently 18 months into the replacement of ‘Metlink’ logos with brand new ‘Public Transport Victoria’ ones all across the network, yet those in charge have decided to fiddle with something even more pointless – the brand identity of Melbourne’s biggest dog – myki.

New 'Myki' trademark, lodged back in October 2013

Rub Myki the wrong way (the paint comes off!)

Fresh out of the box, a Myki reader is a yellow plastic thingy with a blue ‘touch here’ message on the front. But how long do they look like this out in the wild?

Must be new - a Myki reader without the touch pad printing scuffed off

Myki fixes one bug, misses a more important one

Back in March 2013 a bug appeared on Myki equipment across the Melbourne tram network – readers rejecting user input while stuck displaying an “In service” message onscreen. A few months on, they seem to have fixed part of problem – but missed a more important one.

Another 'In service' Myki reader onboard a tram

Finally – movement at the (myki) station

Myki queues at suburban railway stations in Melbourne – I first wrote about the topic a year ago, when the withdrawal of periodical Metcard tickets led to a massive spike in myki usage. So what has happened since then?

Additional station exit at Kensington platform 2: blocked up until Myki gear is installed