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How do you refuel a ship?

Have you ever wondered how ships get refuelled while in port? Unlike cars, ships don’t get taken to a petrol station, but the tanker comes to them.

Shell Australia’s bunker vessel 'MV Zemira'

Bulldozing Middle Footscray for the second time

Welcome to Buckley Street in Footscray. Located near Middle Footscray station, just south of the railway line that links the city to Sunshine, the houses on the north side of Buckley Street have been compulsorily acquired by the State Government to make way for the new tracks that will be built as part of the Regional Rail Link project. Running a bulldozer through a suburb might sound like a one off, but the current railway through the area was built in just the same way.

Looking down Buckley Street, the entire left hand side will be bulldozed

Elvis has left the building

Over the weekend I was driving past Appleton Dock and found something interesting sitting on the wharf. So why was a firefighting helicopter sitting there?

Erickson Air-Crane firefighting helicopter N243AC at Appleton Dock