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Making TramTracker work on ‘Dumbphones’

Over the years I’ve been using TramTracker on my ancient Nokia mobile phone, until December 2013 when Yarra Trams updated the web version of the service, and rendered it unusable on older devices. As a result, I ended up building my own version:

Using 'Jake Junior' to access TramTracker on a dumbphone

Testing the PTV transport data API using PHP

Last week on March 7 Public Transport Victoria finally released something many Melbourne coders and app developers have been waiting for – a public API to query their timetable data. So how does one go about using it?

Passengers depart the train on platform 10

Condescending advertising from Metro Trains

Advertising is a hit and miss game, and Metro Trains Melbourne’s results are no different – sometimes they win, like back in 2013 with their ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ rail safety campaign, but other times they come up flat. A recent campaign in the local edition of mX is an example of the latter.

Inane advertisement from Metro trains for their 'Metro Notify' smartphone app

Yarra Trams updates TramTracker (then breaks it)

If you catch trams in Melbourne, TramTracker is your best friend – it tells you how far away your next tram is, without you even having to walk to the tram stop. That was until this week, when Yarra Trams rolled out an update to the TramTracker website that rendered unusable on many devices, and clunky to use on the remainder.

Useless home page of TramTracker

When advertising trumps transport information

Advertising and Melbourne’s tram stops: Yarra Trams makes a stack of cash from them, leasing their infrastructure to outdoor advertising company Adshel, who then onsell the space for marketing campaigns. But when does it go too far?

Tram stop covered in advertising for Mount Buller