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Vision impaired and the green button

A few months ago I first looked at the uselessness of the green buttons that provide timetable information at stations, but at Southern Cross they did things a bit differently, with braille text being added alongside the normal instructions. However all is not as it appears…

Timetable information / emergency assistance intercom on the suburban platforms

Southern Cross Station’s new Water Tower Clock

Last week a new clock was unveiled at Southern Cross Station – not a brand new one, but a 130 year old ‘Water Tower Clock’ that was originally installed at Flinders Street Station. A nice piece of heritage restored – but unfortunately the motives behind it are less than pure.

Restored Water Tower Clock now on display on the main concourse

Still more shops at Southern Cross Station

Over the years I have been following the slow bastardisation of Southern Cross Station, as ticket barriers funnel passengers through narrow passageways, shops fill previously open spaces, and ‘pop up’ events block day to day commuters. Unfortunately these inconveniences have continued to spread, as recent works on the Bourke Street Bridge show.

Work starts on the new shops that will obstruct the Bourke Street bridge

Meet the deceptive myki gate

The other night I was heading home via Southern Cross Station, when I was stopped in my tracks at the myki gates. I’m used to finding useless error messages displayed on myki readers, but this one sets a new standard for deception.

'Validator disabled. Direction blocked' message incorrectly displayed with a green 'proceed' arrow

PTV ‘Hub’ at Southern Cross that isn’t a hub

When you look up the word ‘hub’ in the dictionary, you get this:

A place or thing that forms the effective center of an activity, region, or network.

Public Transport Victoria seems to have missed the memo, as they managed to create two hubs, right next door to each other!

Need help finding the correct PTV Hub? This sign will help you out!