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Telling a racist where to go

Last night I was headed out of the city on a packed route 57 tram, along with the usual Wednesday night crowd of people headed for the night market held at the Queen Victoria Market. Among them were a number of people chattering away in a foreign language, when a tattoo covered troglodyte said under […]

Making TramTracker work on ‘Dumbphones’

Over the years I’ve been using TramTracker on my ancient Nokia mobile phone, until December 2013 when Yarra Trams updated the web version of the service, and rendered it unusable on older devices. Unlike other public transport operators, Yarra Trams actually took my feedback on board and released an updated web version of TramTracker a […]

Police fining nuffy drivers on Swanston Street

I’ve written about Melbourne’s clueless drivers before, especially their obsession with driving through Swanston Street’s tram stops and the Bourke Street Mall, but now I fear the apocalypse is near – I recently saw Victoria Police doing something about it. I was walking past the Swanston and Collins Street tram stop one lunchtime, when I […]

How many crashes can one tram stop take?

On Melbourne’s tramway network, around one third of the stops are provided with “safety zones” – a fenced area in the middle of the road, providing an area for passengers to stand beside the tracks, while still being protected from car traffic. But how much of a pounding can these supposedly protected areas take?

Z3.165 stops for passengers on William Street, at the Collins Street stop on route 55 northbound

Yarra Trams updates TramTracker (then breaks it)

If you catch trams in Melbourne, TramTracker is your best friend – it tells you how far away your next tram is, without you even having to walk to the tram stop. That was until this week, when Yarra Trams rolled out an update to the TramTracker website that rendered unusable on many devices, and clunky to use on the remainder.

Useless home page of TramTracker