Got talked into using MSN Messenger as well

This is an post from the olden days – read more about them here.

I have always avoided MSN Messenger. Mainly because I just cannot be screwed talking to people.

There is also the fact that MSN Messenger is a bloated load of crap. Why do you need a 10MB install file to implement a instant messaging program. Trilian only takes 3MB to talk to MSN, AIM, mIRC, ICQ and Yahoo messenger users. Guess that is Microsoft Bloat (TM) for you.

Now to Messenger Plus 3.0. It installs adware on your computer. It is the C2.lop ad program, there are more details about its effects here. The agreement is hidden on the 3rd page of the install wizard. You do have the option to opt out if you want to. To avoid the ads:

  1. Avoid on install.
  2. Go to add/remove programs. Click to uninstall Messenger Plus 3. It will ask you if you want to uninstall sponsor program or whole thing. Click uninstall sponsor program.

And more whinging about MSN Messenger. Those stupid ad tabs down the left hand side, and the ad bar at the bottom. And solutions to fix these annoying tabs:

  • To get rid of the advertising tabs is quite simple:
    1) Go to Tools
    2) Then Options
    3) Click the Privacy tab
    4) Then tick "This is a shared computer so don’t display my Tabs" and press OK.
    5) Press OK again to save the changes you made.
    6) Sign out and in of MSN Messenger again!

And those pesky ads:

  • The ad bar at the bottom is harder. A-Patch will fix this ad heaps of other crap. Go to here to download it. Close MSN Messenger and then run the setup file. There are various options. The ones I recommend are illustrated 1, 2, 3.
  • But one good thing. You can show other MSN Messenger users what you are currently listening to. You used to have to used Windows Media Player for this to work (DO NOT get me started on how slow and bloated Windows Media Player is. Winamp 2.9 and Media Player Classic are GREAT alternatives. MPC is open source too, even better)

Oh yeah, back to other stuff. Go to here for the lowdown. It also allows you to show what is playing in iTunes 4.7, Winamp 5.x, and  Foobar2000 as well.

I believe I have now exceeded my recommended daily intake of whinging for the week.

Good thing I am not passing through Southern Cross / Spencer Street Station or traveling on Connex or V/Line for the next week.

Oh the joy…

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