Archive for June, 2005

MSN Spaces has been updated and went weird as a result

For some reason the editor for blog entries has changes all of a sudden. In Internet Explorer the top toolbar (for hyperlinks, formatting, etc) has totally disappeared for some reason. Then I fire up Firefox, and it now has a new […]

Strange sign at Spencer Street Station

I was at Spencer Street Station today and saw this rather strange sign hidden away. It was well made, and designed to be used many times. It said the following:"Due to industrial action the country and interstate train service has been […]

Ding Dong! The Phantom Doorbell

Yesterday I was sitting at my computer when the doorbell went off. I went to check the door, but there was no-one there, and could hear no-one (our steps make a bit of noise when you walk up them) Then this […]

In the music shop

I was in the music shop today, looking through the albums, as you do in a music shop. I was looking at particular album that I have, Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too by the New Radicals was on sale for $14.95, […]

Woohoo! Free stuff from V/Line!

Yes, today in the mail I received some free stuff. About a week ago (Wednesday 15th in case you care) I sent away my a form to V/Line applying for compensation. In their contract with the government, V/Line is required to […]