Dummy batteries for a Canon camera

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Today I built a dummy battery for my camera (Canon S50 btw). Hmmm… dummy batteries, I will guess that you haven’t heard of them before…
They are a battery, but they aren’t. Great explanation, isn’t it?
It is a thing the same shape as a battery, but with wires hanging off it and it DOESN’T store electrons like a battery. So it isn’t a battery. You put in into a device that requires batteries and connect the leads to a power source.
So the whole point of this is? I’m getting to it.
The dummy battery I made is made of 10 layers of styrene, some copper sheet and wire. And wood too.
I’m going away camping soon. I want to take my camera. No mains power. No way to charge my Li-Ion batteries for camera (it is a 240 volt charger) Canon sells an 12 volt adapter for my camera but it costs $$$.
So… The dummy battery will enable me to connect another power source to my camera instead of the normal battery. I am either going to use a stack of normal AA’s or a big 6 volt rechargeable SLA "brick."
So, that what a dummy battery is and why you (might) want one.

NEXT: after this short break on wongm’s crazy electronic adventures – overclocking a graphics calculator…

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