MSN Spaces has been updated and went weird as a result

This is an post from the olden days – read more about them here.

For some reason the editor for blog entries has changes all of a sudden.

In Internet Explorer the top toolbar (for hyperlinks, formatting, etc) has totally disappeared for some reason.

Then I fire up Firefox, and it now has a new redesigned toolbar, that is more elaborate than before and lets you use real HTML (wow a Microsoft first!)

But for both of them, it does not let you publish an entry (so if you are reading this I would have found a workaround)

[EDIT] I am posting this by email (I blogged about it the other day) and have NOT got a workaround yet.

[EDIT 2] It generates really ugly html as well – maybe even worse than that created by Microsoft Word!

[EDIT 3 – 8 July] It does work in IE – but my pop-up blocker stops the toolbar form appearing

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