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Animal rescue

I was on my way home from getting my haircut today, when what do I see, somebody’s dog in the gutter. Someone had hit it with their car and left it on the road. I stopped to look at the dog […]

You can blog by email too

Now, for more geeky stuff… To set up your MSN space so you can blog by email: Go to your blog site as usual, like you were going to make an entry. Click on the setting tab at the top. Click […]

Dummy batteries for a Canon camera

Today I built a dummy battery for my camera (Canon S50 btw). Hmmm… dummy batteries, I will guess that you haven’t heard of them before… They are a battery, but they aren’t. Great explanation, isn’t it? It is a thing the same shape […]

Missed out by that much

I was at Glenferrie station on Tuesday, and they were putting up new station signs. They had the old ones sitting in a stack, looking rather inviting. Then I find out yesterday, two guys I know both got given a sign […]