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Mixed bag of emotion on the Train

Well today was a weird day on the train: Happiness of expresses, Anger at delays, Confusion at public drunkenness, Shock of fatalities. Anyway, I am going to work soon – will update tomorrow morning… [EDIT 28/07/2005] Finally an update… Happiness – […]

V/Line train delays and such

More bitching – in a way… Caught the 7:42 train up to Melbourne. It sat outside Spencer Street for over five minutes as it waited for a path, so it could cross over to the station. At the moment SSS has […]

Attack of the mutant electronics – hacking a computer PSU

Today I finally finished making the dummy battery I mentioned a while back. I had finished most of it, and it worked fine, but it wasn’t the proper size compared to a proper battery. It was too big to use more […]

Ben Lee – Catch My Disease

A thought about his song "Catch My Disease"… What is the disease he is singing about? Do I really want to be catching it? And finally, how is it transmitted? Because if he is singing about a sexual transmitted disease, it […]

Eat your heart out George Foreman

You have probably seen one of those George Forman grill things for sale, and you might even have one yourself. The main selling point of them is the let the fat drain away, so your food is healthier. I was in […]