Eat your heart out George Foreman

This is an post from the olden days – read more about them here.

You have probably seen one of those George Forman grill things for sale, and you might even have one yourself. The main selling point of them is the let the fat drain away, so your food is healthier.

I was in the kitchen the other day, cooking up some hamburgers, and invented THIS. Well, no more lining the pockets of a fat, old, retired boxer!

Now introducing wongm’s Lean Mean Fat Reducing Cooking Machine. Available at NO COST to you if you already own a frypan and stovetop.


(PS. It is a frypan on an angle so the fat drains away. For the humour challenged among you)

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One Response to “Eat your heart out George Foreman”

  1. Miranda says:

    dude I can\’t believe you took a picture of your hamburgers. Is this what you did while I was at school?

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