Attack of the Post-it notes

This is an post from the olden days – read more about them here.

A woman came in to work the other day, and pointed to a shelf.

She asked "are these sticky notes only 20 cents a pack". I said, "I guess they must be…" So she went up to the shelf, and put the whole lot into her basket.

A bit later on, a call came over the PA system asking for help at the registers. The same woman was needing help, she wanted to know if we had any more sticky notes in stock. We went around the store, pulling them off the small promotional hangers around the place.

There was a total of FOUR BASKETS full of post-its by the end.

A total of over 750 packets according to the girl on the register and it cost $150. The woman said on her way out, that next time she goes to Ballarat she will buy some more from there…

At the end of the night we found ten more packets that we missed – I guess that is a two dollar sale we missed.

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One Response to “Attack of the Post-it notes”

  1. BJ says:

    LOL. that $2 sale u missed will probably in the end cause the company a net loss of over $4.6Billion in just post it note alone:Pthat is a total of 23,000,000,000 pack of post it notes (at 20c each):Dno real loss

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