Fun on the train

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I had a bit of fun on the train today…

  • Delays
  • Funny Stickers
  • Long waits
  • Even more delays

If you are lazy, skip ahead to the "Funny Stickers" segment.

And perhaps even the "Even more delays" if your attention span is that long.

Once again in point form for the slow among my audience…

DELAYS: Yet again…

I got off the train at North Melbourne as usual, so I can avoid Spencer Street. The Geelong train usually takes five minutes or so to get there, so I usually beat it.

But not today…

At North Melbourne, I missed a train through the loop, and so I had to wait 6 minutes for the next one.

At Flagstaff, the same thing happened, with another 6 minuter wait.

FUNNY STICKERS: Someone had a little bit fun…

I saw this at Burnley station, a satire of the Metlink fare evader campaign posters that have sprung up around Melbourne.

It says:


Before boarding the tram, take a deep breath and try to remember what you wanted to be when you were young.

Try really, really hard.

If you start to feel like you’re wasting your life, Disembark. Fast.

metlink taking you for a ride, evader "

And someone scribbled a big "go f… your self" over it in highlighter…

LONG WAITS: Even I would have given up by now…

Over on platform 3, I saw this on the next train display…

Yep, 57 minutes to the next train to the city.

Turns out it isn’t. This platform is where all of the express trains skip. The platform next to it has trains stopping every 3 minutes to the city.

Thats nowhere near as bad.


I went to catch the 1655 (4:55 pm for those non-24 hour time people out there) V/line to Geelong.

Everything started off fine, the train leaving on time…

And then I saw a V/line guy in a high-vis vest come running down the platform.

There was something not quite right, and the driver slammed on the brakes, with only the first carriage and loco off the platform. A few other worker guys came over towards the train.

One guy walked off with a bag of bolts in his hand. What’s going on there?

At 5:15 or so (20 minutes late already) another loco rocked up, and was attached to the train. We saw the 1713 train leave as well, so were are really running behind.

We got pushed back into the platform, and most people got off the train to catch the 1730 one instead. I stayed put. After 5 minutes or so the train was ready to leave again.

Some people who got on at North Melbourne said there earlier trains were packed full, with people standing in the aisles. Out train was empty…

We got stuck behind a suburban train as well at Laverton, so it took even longer.

I got to South Geelong almost 40 minutes late.

Well, thats my adventures for the day…

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2 Responses to “Fun on the train”

  1. Nath says:

    How do u put ur pics within the text?

  2. BJ says:

    Wowm your joking right u missed 2 trains and had to wait a total of 12mins, oh no wot a disaster :P.

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