Level crossing accidents: some people never learn

This is an post from the olden days – read more about them here.

It was a good thing that I didn’t have uni yesterday. I have never been in a train using its emergency brakes, and I am hoping to never have to.

I usually catch the 6:46am train to Melbourne. Yesterday that same train hit a girl who was crossing the tracks at North Shore station. She saw a train coming, thinking it was the 6:53am stopping all stations, and so she ran across the tracks to catch it. Instead it was the 6:46am express, running past North Shore station at 90 km/h.

I guess there is a reason V/line puts out posters such as these…

(by the way – the 6:46am train is usually 6 carriages and so weighs over 500 tonnes)

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One Response to “Level crossing accidents: some people never learn”

  1. Miranda says:

    did the girl die?!?!?!?

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