How to recover accidentally deleted files

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Have you ever accidentally deleted a file and then needed it again?

Simple, just go to the Recycle Bin, and grab it out.

Ever hit Shift + Delete at the same time?

That deletes the file right away, but asks you if you are sure.

But this is what I did today. I had a bunch of file on my removable hard drive, and right clicked the mouse to select "Rename" But I hit "Delete" instead. No problem you say. Except for the fact with removable drives, the Recycle Bin is bypassed, and there is no confirmation box. Off into the ether, my hard work went…

It was a program I wrote in Java at uni, and it took ages. Java is an extremely annoying programming language. Using it to write programs, is like hammering in nails with a rubber hammer… (it looks like the right tool for the job, but in reality is totally hopeless at it)

So I spent an hour or so trying to find a free program to undelete it. There are plenty of shareware ones, which finds the files, butt you need to pay money to actually recover them.

And then I found free!

However, the Author’s website seems MIA.

But the download still works. And it fixed my problem in less than a minute. Good times…(and no redoing crappy Java…)

Linky again here…

Or a direct download…

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