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Planes, trains, and buses: the A380 visits Melbourne

Last Monday I went out to Melbourne Airport out at Tullamarine to see the new A380 that as on display (It’s the new double deck jet being built by Airbus in case you didn’t know). It was out in Australia on a test flight that doubled as a promotional tour for Qantas’ 85th birthday. It has the Airbus test livery (and French registration code) but had some Qantas stickers slapped onto it.

Looking out of the Melbourne Airport observation deck

Radar guns and railways

I was on the train the other day and saw this… (yep, more weirdness) Two Connex guys standing on the platform, pointing a radar gun at the train I was on. The track in the foreground is a road – tram […]

Branded vending machines stocking the opposition’s product

Just an ordinary drink vending machine here… As seen at train stations all around Melbourne. But what’s this under the drink selections… Pepsi, Pepsi Max, V, Mountain Dew, water, more Pepsi, Solo, Juice, Coca Cola… Coca Cola! But this is a […]