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How to recover accidentally deleted files

Have you ever accidentally deleted a file and then needed it again? Simple, just go to the Recycle Bin, and grab it out. Ever hit Shift + Delete at the same time? That deletes the file right away, but asks you […]

Why would one need electric scissors?

I found this at work the other day, and couldn’t help buying it… "Stores anywhere, goes anywhere. Great for home or office." It is an electric pair of scissors! Someone would have to be pretty bloody lazy if they can’t be […]

More electronic doodads: homebrew LCD display

I built this thingy the other day…

Plumbing adventures – to change a tap washer

Here’s how to change a tap washer (I had to do it the other day) Turn the tap off (it should be already…) Go out to the water meter and turn off the main tap (VERY important…) Remove the tap handle. […]

Level crossing accidents: some people never learn

It was a good thing that I didn’t have uni yesterday. I have never been in a train using its emergency brakes, and I am hoping to never have to. I usually catch the 6:46am train to Melbourne. Yesterday that same […]