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I thought ‘The Wedge’ looked low budget

There is a slight chance you have watched the Channel Ten show "The Wedge" – if you haven’t don’t bother making a special effort, it’s not that funny. A month or two ago at uni in the foyer of the BA […]

Another railfan trip – Swan Hill this time

Yes, yet another trip, this time to Swan Hill, out and back in a day. A mate of mine (Matt Julian) hired out an entire BS carriages and sold tickets for the trip, as these carriages will be taken out of […]

Back on the rails – another railfan trip

What did I get up to the past long weekend – a few hundred kilometres of railway travel, while at the same time being within walking distance of a bar for the majority of it. The Seymour Rail Heritage Centre was […]

My wallet is a lot lighter

My wallet is lighter because I bought this today: A Canon 350D, with the EF-S 18-55mm lens (attached to the camera) and an EF 55-200mm lens (sitting to the right) for those of you playing at home. That, and a spare […]


Have you ever had this happen to you? You have something not fun that you need to do (study for a maths test at them moment) and have been putting it off for ages. You put off doing more interesting things […]