Last day in service for V/Line’s S302

This is an post from the olden days – read more about them here.

Another random railway trip happed yesterday, Friday the 13th.

It was the last day that trains would be running on the Geelong line for a few weeks, as there will be work done to install new signals.

I was also the last day S302 was supposed to run.

It is a locomotive in case you are wondering…

First I went up to Melbourne to meet some other railfans, before catching the 12:40 train to Warrnambool. We got into Geelong around an hour later.

S302 awaiting departure from Geelong on the down Warrnambool

We left the train, and went for lunch.

Down Warrnambool service led by S302 approaches the Geelong Tunnel

Two of the other guys stayed on the train to Marshall, and got to ride up front in the cab.

Lucky bastards…

We headed back to Melbourne, and I went off to go buy some model train stuff. At the moment I have an incomplete 1:160th scale model of S302 sitting on my desk.

The Warrnambool train arrived back in Melbourne at 9:09pm – it was actually 1 minute early for a change.

S302 at Southern Cross on the last day of service with V/Line

And that’s the end. Or it is supposed to be. Who knows…


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  1. Unknown says:

    S302 is a great loco I saw her at Marshall on that day I was unlucky to travel on her when she was in VLP service but was lucky when I went on her in WCR service. anyways great space Mate Mick (EL60) from Railpage

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