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Rain, Rain, Rain

I was up in Melbourne yesterday – and it rained. Yes, it has rained before there. But it was pretty bad yesterday. Bucketing down. First, some customary pictures… Rain and the Bourke / Swanston Street corner. Hailstones! Good thing I was […]

Melbourne’s anti terror boom gates, and other freeway oddities

I was up in Melbourne on Saturday. The first oddity of government incompetence: No, it’s not a railway crossing. The Westgate Bridge’s new "Anti Terror Boom Gates" (Patent Pending) Installed at a cost of $1.6 million dollars, they are intended to […]

Open For Inspection

An ordinary middle class suburb in eastern Melbourne. An ordinary open for inspection on a Saturday afternoon. The different bit is this: It’s an empty block! How can an empty block be "open" for inspection – you can walk up to […]

Making a cardboard VLocity train

Nath asked, so here it is: My cardboard VLocity train. I haven’t assembled the rest though.

Another VLocity launch – this time Geelong

Friday the 3rd was the first day of VLocites on the Geelong line. The train pulled in to Geelong at 11:30, only taking 50 minutes to travel from Melbourne. And this wasn’t at full speed either. However, there were only a […]