Melbourne’s anti terror boom gates, and other freeway oddities

This is an post from the olden days – read more about them here.

I was up in Melbourne on Saturday.

The first oddity of government incompetence:

Boom gates before the West Gate Bridge

No, it’s not a railway crossing. The Westgate Bridge’s new "Anti Terror Boom Gates" (Patent Pending)

Installed at a cost of $1.6 million dollars, they are intended to "block the bridge in the event of a serious accident or terrorist attack."

And they are remote controlled from the VicRoads control room I visited last year.

Meh! Like boom gates are going to do anything. It would be much better to put them at some railway level crossing to stop some idiot driving in front of a train.

Next! Speed Cameras on the Geelong Road.

Speed cameras on the Princes Freeway at Forsyth Road,

This is the one outbound one at Forsyth Road. There are 4 cameras in each direction.

They are at:
– Lara Overpass (easy to see, they face you)

– Point Wilson Overpass (as above)

– Forsyth Road Overpass (hidden on the back side)

– Grieve Parade Overpass, just after the Western Ring Road turnoff. Only for city bound traffic. (hidden as well)

– Millers Road exit. For outbound traffic. (hidden behind overhead sign)

Now on the freeway, everyone does whatever speed they want, and just before bridges everyone slams on their brakes!

Anyways, the cameras are only there for money. The freeway is the best quality in the state, and built to the same standard as freeways with 110km/h speed limits.

It’s just a case of money, and the lowest common denominator – incompetent drivers!

And the last thing – this mobile sign saying "Arrive Alive."

The stupidest thing – it’s planted right on the roadside.

If someone lost control of their car, they would usually survive due to the clear area next to the road.

But because of the sign being there – someone could run into it and have a more severe accident.

The irony – getting killed because of a sign saying "Arrive Alive!"

And finally, a note to all readers – I was not driving while taking the photos.

My sister was.

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  1. Nath says:

    awesome!!! I love urblogs dude. Got a great laugh from those boom gates

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