Rain, Rain, Rain

This is an post from the olden days – read more about them here.

I was up in Melbourne yesterday – and it rained.

Yes, it has rained before there. But it was pretty bad yesterday. Bucketing down.

First, some customary pictures…

Rain and the Bourke / Swanston Street corner.

Hailstones! Good thing I was inside the tram…

There was a heap of lightning too. Which wasn’t good. Especially when I got to the station.

The train was supposed to leave at 3pm. It didn’t – the conductor said there was signal faults down the line.

15 minutes later, she said that the train was cancelled – due to lightning hitting signals at South Kensington. We got sent up to the bus terminal to catch a bus instead. We waited around for a half hour, before being told that the 4pm would run, so we had to dead back to the station.

Did I mention it was pissing down rain.

And the 4pm train left 15 minutes late. At least I didn’t have to pay form my ticket – it was one of the free ones I got from V/line because of other delays.

Now I can get some more freebies!

On a sidenote – concession cards are a pain in the ass! I wanted to get a date to date ticket, but they wouldn’t sell me one, as my concession card wasn’t valid for the entire ticket. And I needed to get up to Melbourne in order to get said concession card form filled out.

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