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Scrapping Melbourne’s 4D train

What is it I hear you ask? The 4D train! Where the 4D stands for "Double Deck Development and Demonstration." It was built in the early 1990’s as a prototype double decker train for Melbourne, based on a Sydney design. It […]

Railfan outing to Stony Point

I spent 12 hours of Sunday on trains. Me and some other people from the Railpage forums decided to have a meetup, and so I headed up to Melbourne. I started with and hour trip up to Melbourne, meeting up with […]

My calculator was lost but now is found

I’m not talking about myself here. I am talking about my jumper, calculator, and why the effects of sleep deprivation in lectures can turn bad. For a start, that day my train had been delayed by 5 minutes outside Southern Cross, […]

Watch out terrorists – your game is up

Looks like the anti-terror experts have been racking their brains for days on end, if this sighting at Flinders Street is anything to go by… Now if they want to hide their bombs, they are going to have to get their […]

Rail enthusiasts and weirdos

I caught the train to Melbourne yesterday. But not any old train. An old one. And not just any old old train. The Seymour Rail Heritage Centre ran a special train from Seymour to Geelong, then to Melbourne, back to Geelong, […]