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Scrapping Melbourne’s 4D train

What is it I hear you ask?

The 4D train! Where the 4D stands for "Double Deck Development and Demonstration." It was built in the early 1990’s as a prototype double decker train for Melbourne, based on a Sydney design. It was plagued with problems, and suffered frequent breakdowns. As a result it was mothballed by the early 2000’s.

Railfan outing to Stony Point

I spent 12 hours of Sunday on trains.

My calculator was lost but now is found

I’m not talking about myself here. I am talking about my jumper, calculator, and why the effects of sleep deprivation in lectures can turn bad. For a start, that day my train had been delayed by 5 minutes outside Southern Cross, […]

Watch out terrorists – your game is up

Looks like the anti-terror experts have been racking their brains for days on end, if this sighting at Flinders Street is anything to go by…

Rail enthusiasts and weirdos

I caught the train to Melbourne yesterday. But not any old train. An old one. And not just any old old train.