Things that go splat on the tracks

This is an post from the olden days – read more about them here.

Here we go – what happens when stuff goes in front of trains.

Exhibit A: Glenferrie Station, centre track, Platform 2, 27/10/2005 2:10PM

Pigeon. Deceased. Cause of death: crushed by rail vehicle travelling in the region of 60m/h.

Bird squashed on tracks at Glenferrie Station - foul play suspected...

Bird squashed on tracks at Glenferrie Station - foul play suspected...

Exhibit B: Southern Cross Station, Platform 5, Front step of Sprinter train 7007,25/02/2006 4:05PM

Unidentified bird. Deceased. Cause of death: high velocity impact with front of high speed rail vehicle travelling at unknown speed, followed by fall onto metal surface.

Dead bird on the step of Sprinter 7007 - it probably flown in front of the train

Exhibit C: Southern Cross Station, Platform 3, 01/03/2006 10:50AM

Luggage trolley. Dismembered. Cause of injury: fall into platform pit, followed by a railway vehicle travelling at low speed over the top. Later retrieved by railway employee.

Luggage trolley that fell onto the tracks and was run over by a train at Southern Cross Station

I saw the squashed pigeon on the tracks one afternoon one afternoon after finishing uni.

The bird on the front of the Sprinter was on Saturday (when the train was cancelled) – the bird must have flown in front of the train, but was too slow…

The luggage trolley I saw this morning when getting off the train. They was a railway worker in his hi-vis vest with part of a trolley in his hand. He had already placed the rest of the trolley on the platform. The trolley must have fallen off the platform, and then a train ran over it.

Moral of the story: Being steel and getting run over at 20km/h bends you up and dismembers you. Being meat and getting run over at 60km/h pulverises you…

Wasn’t this fun…

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