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The third instalment of lost and found

Yes another instalment of lost and found stuff. I was on the train today. I got home. I couldn’t find the spare camera battery I had in my pocket. I rang the station, and they got the conductor to have a […]

Another lost and found tale

Here is another lost and found story, abet delayed by a month or two by my laziness. It started back at the end of March, on the 1517 down South Geelong train. I saw staring out the window, when I looked […]

They used PowerPoint for that?

People love using Microsoft PowerPoint for all kinds of stupid crap. I believe this is one of the stupidest. This is a copyright warning that is included on some Australian DVD releases. It also appears in some cinemas before the movie […]

You suck Frank Costa

Yes, I’m talking about you, Frank Costa, the Geelong businessman who made money out of selling fruit, and is now president of the Geelong Football Club. I wan to kick him in the groin, steal his money, and then relocate the […]