Another lost and found tale

This is an post from the olden days – read more about them here.

Here is another lost and found story, abet delayed by a month or two by my laziness.

It started back at the end of March, on the 1517 down South Geelong train. I saw staring out the window, when I looked down at the seat. I saw something small and metal, stuck between the seat and the carriage wall. At first I though it was a zippo lighter (score – even though I don’t smoke) but when I picked it up, I saw that it was someone’s USB drive.

My first though was to drop it off at the train station when I got off, but then I thought: USB drive = computer data = possible contact details on it.

I decided to check it first, before taking it to the station if I didn’t find anything. I am pretty sure most lost property goes unclaimed, as people just write stuff off. So I went home, plugged it in, and had a look see. The drive’s label was a persons name, so that was a start. However, the leads began to dry up, the drive was mostly pictures. It looked like it belonged to a design student at uni.

With some more examination and thought, I noticed that one of the files was named [FIRST INITAL][NAME]

Now with a first and last name, I went to Google to see if I could find anything. I didn’t get very helpful results, but changing it to search only Australian sites, I was down to two options. One was for a past student at a Geelong school who had done some web design for them, and the other was for a guy running his own design company. I clicked on that site, and it is the same guy, who happens to be from the Geelong area.

So, I type out an e-mail that sounds much like what I have already typed so far, and sent it off. I have to admit, it sounds a bit weird if you had it arrive in your inbox…

Anyhow, I got a reply a few days later, he had lost his USB drive on the train, and gave me his address, and along with an offer to buy me a six pack of beer. I sent it back to him a few days later. I turned down the beer.

Yet another happy ending.

[Moral of the story – have something to identify you on your stuff. And your own site turning up at the top of Google is a good thing]

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2 Responses to “Another lost and found tale”

  1. Andrew says:

    You turned down good booze wongm not cool lol!

  2. Nath says:

    Lol, pretty cool

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