You suck Frank Costa

This is an post from the olden days – read more about them here.

Yes, I’m talking about you, Frank Costa, the Geelong businessman who made money out of selling fruit, and is now president of the Geelong Football Club.

I wan to kick him in the groin, steal his money, and then relocate the Geelong Football Club somewhere useful, like Antarctica or Upper Mongolia.

Why? Let me begin…

I was headed home from work today, when I though "why is there so much friggin’ traffic?" – there were cars queuing THROUGH roundabouts. I do to the top of the hill at MacKillop Street when I saw why, Geelong was playing at home, and the crowds had just left the stadium. The traffic at the Fyans Street roundabout was banked back to the railway – about 500 metres.

There was no way I was going to wait in that, so I made a turn down a side street, and there was still queues, so I made another turn, and STILL MORE QUEUES! I decided to travel via the Breakwater Bridge, it isn’t the shortest path home, but is shouldn’t be banned up. BUT IT WAS!

So I decided to drop into Robo’s place until the traffic died down. It was just around the corner, I we are all headed over there tonight anyway.

And I have MORE reasons why Frank Costa sucks.

He talked the City Of Greater Geelong into giving the football club $26 million dollars in order to build a new grandstand at Kardinia Park, and it is only used 8 days per year. Yes, the Geelong council would have wasted the money WITHOUT spending it on the football club, but it is the principal that counts…

And finally, the construction of the stadium closed half of Moorabool Street for 18 months, reducing it to 1 + 2 lanes, and very narrow ones at that. Not to mention that infernal 40km/h hour speed limit.

Do you know how much of my time this one guy has wasted…

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