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My wallet is a lot lighter

My wallet is lighter because I bought this today:
A Canon 350D, with the EF-S 18-55mm lens (attached to the camera) and an EF 55-200mm lens (sitting to the right) for those of you playing at home.


Have you ever had this happen to you? You have something not fun that you need to do (study for a maths test at them moment) and have been putting it off for ages. You put off doing more interesting things […]

A bit further, bit further, OOPS – too far!

And you think accidentally hitting the curb, or nudging the towbar of the car in front is bad…

V/line was moving the carriages around in the sidings near Spencer Street, when one set was pushed too far, ending up with the wheels off the track and the carriages sitting on an angle!

The secret life of telemarketers

I am at uni right now. The Indian girl on the computer behind me is working on her programming assignment. She is also on her mobile phone. "Hello, xyz from Telstra here, are you interested in Telstra broadband and Foxtel" I […]

Slipping into another time and dimension

Just some random weirdness I have found in this weekend. It started on Friday afternoon at Spencer Street Station. I saw the usual N set on platform 3, and a push-pull H set on platform 4. However, the H set was […]