A bit further, bit further, OOPS – too far!

This is an post from the olden days – read more about them here.

And you think accidentally hitting the curb, or nudging the towbar of the car in front is bad…

V/line was moving the carriages around in the sidings near Spencer Street, when one set was pushed too far, ending up with the wheels off the track and the carriages sitting on an angle!

Carriage sets VSH22 and FSH21 after a shunting accident at the Dudley Street yards

No minor fender bender – check out the damage done – a nice gash down the side. They would have only been doing 20km/h at the time as well.

Damage to the side of carriage BCH121 after a shunting accident at Dudley Street

And I the beat the mass media in reporting the story.

I saw another guy there at the same time, taking pics with a fancy looking camera. His pictures were in the Herald Sun newspaper the next day, and I had posted mine on the Railpage forums by 10pm that night.

It’s not that often you can say you beat the media in reporting a story.

(yes – to most people it wasn’t newsworthy, but still, I told the people who cared about it)


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