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Vandalising celebrity Wikipedia pages

Tonight on Good News Week the comedian Amanda Keller discussed the vandalism of her Wikipedia page, describing the addition of such “facts” as:

  • She went broke making ATMs for midgets.
  • She worked on a short-running TV show “Shower Time With Uncle Bert”.

A few minutes after the segment on Good News Week went to air, people were helpful enough to add the “facts” into the page, at least until the page was locked. Will the wonders of Wikipedia ever cease?

Revision history for the "Amanda Keller" page

A new type of website appearing like a rash

Over the past few weeks I have noticed the emergence new entries in my Facebook news feed, consisting of “[Person] likes [inane phrase here]” and a link to websites I had never head of. When I clicked through the link, you end up at a page with just [inane phrase here] on it, a Facebook ‘like’ button, and advertising.

So why do these sites exist?

270 blocked Apps on Facebook


I have just set up this site, at the moment it is one place where I can tie all the bits of my online life together.