Vandalising celebrity Wikipedia pages

Tonight on Good News Week the comedian Amanda Keller discussed the vandalism of her Wikipedia page, describing the addition of such “facts” as:

  • She went broke making ATMs for midgets.
  • She worked on a short-running TV show “Shower Time With Uncle Bert”.

She said that the first time she found out about her supposed past was in an interview, when the presenter started asking questions about her TV show with Bert Newton. She then went on to mention that three of the midget ATMs were still in use in Melbourne.

A few minutes after the segment on Good News Week went to air, people were helpful enough to add the “facts” into the page, at least until the page was locked:

Revision history for the "Amanda Keller" page

Revision history for the "Amanda Keller" page

Of the 140 edits of the page, 19 of them have been after the mention of Wikipedia vandalism on TV.

A quick inspection of the revision history shows “Shower Time With Uncle Bert” never appeared in the page before the mention on Good News Week, and the same goes for her ATMs for midget business.  A Google search for “Shower Time With Uncle Bert” also turns up nothing:

Google search for "Shower Time for Uncle Bert"

Google search for "Shower Time for Uncle Bert"

I’ll have to add “invent fictitious Wikipedia vandalism” to the list of gags for my next TV appearance.

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3 Responses to “Vandalising celebrity Wikipedia pages”

  1. John says:

    I don’t think she made it up, because if you search for “amanda keller” and “shower time” on the net, you’ll find a few OLD pages that mention this silly story …. and they all reference Wikipaedia as the source.

    For example, here’s a post (on an Arabic forum … ?) that references the old wiki entry:

    But it’s from 5 weeks ago!

    Here’s another refence:

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