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Public transport is 1337

Meet 1337…

Torrens Transit bus #1337

Naughty and nice in transport advertising

When you look around Melbourne you will see our trains, trams and buses are all plastered in internal and external advertising for all kinds of products and services. Usually the campaigns are the same ones you see on TV, in newspapers and on billboards, but sometimes you find a smart advertising company that is able to tweak their message to suit the medium it appears on. Of course, this sometimes backfires…

National Bus #668 on William Street, with NAB credit card advert: 'An honest credit card wouldn't buy a concession ticket with a student card from 2002'

Myer House, 250 Elizabeth Street

Melbourne has hundreds of skyscrapers, and today I am looking at one of the less notable ones: 250 Elizabeth Street. Once known as Myer House, the building once served as the head office of the Myer department stores.

Overview of the site from Little Bourke Street

Yallourn Power Station: then and now

Another week, another “then and now” blog post from me. Following on from last week’s look at the power stations of the Latrobe Valley, here is a comparison of the facilities at Yallourn.

Workers leaving the Yallourn Power Station in the 1940s

Brown coal behemoths: Victoria’s power stations

With Australia’s new carbon tax laws having been passed by the Senate last week, it is the perfect time to look at Victoria’s three major coal fired power stations. Located in the Latrobe Valley atop massive deposits of brown coal, together these power stations run 24 hours a day to supply the majority of Victoria’s baseload electricity demand, and in the process contribute more than their fair share of emissions in the environment. So why are they so dirty?

Overview of Loy Yang power station and and open cut mine