Right on, Captain Obvious!

I spotted the following in the “Here’s Looking at You” section of mX – a free newspaper distributed to Melbourne commuters as they make their way home from work. The section features love notes from mX readers addressed to random people they spot on the train, tram or bus…

Caption Obvious - "Was the V/Line train late?"

Unfortunately D hasn’t made it easy for their admirer to track them down, asking the rather obvious question – “Was the V/Line train late?“. As of March 2011 V/Line’s on time performance had slumped as low as 66.5% on the Gippsland line, with the reminder of the network lucky to get over 85%.

These horrible performance figures are based on trains arriving within 5 minutes 59 seconds of their scheduled time, and are averaged over all services that V/Line runs, including those in the middle of the night when there is little congestion on the rail network. Unfortunately V/Line does not break their data down further, but after spending 5 years commuting from Geelong to Melbourne with them, it is easy to assume that a peak hour V/Line train running on time is the exception to the rule.

Perhaps D was on a V/Line train that wasn’t late, and they hope their admirer was similarly surprised?

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