South Pacific Health Clubs are corporate litterbugs

Two weeks ago I noticed the following advertising junk for “South Pacific Health Clubs” while on my way to work in the Melbourne CBD.

South Pacific Health Clubs spamming the real world

As I continued on, this isolated sticker had turned into an orange brick road of sorts.

South Pacific Health Clubs stickers all along a building

As I got closer to their gym I found even more of their rubbish littering the street.

Pole covered in South Pacific Health Clubs advertising

By the time I reached the corner of Bourke and William Streets I discovered they had even put stickers on the footpath.

More unauthorised South Pacific Health Clubs advertising, this time on the footpath

And still more unauthorised South Pacific Health Clubs advertising

The stickers had all been removed a few days later, but my photos of them are now among the top Google Image Search hits for “South Pacific Health Clubs”.

I wonder how high this page will rank in Google when searching for “South Pacific Health Clubs”?

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