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Blogs can have spinoffs too!

Over the past few months this blog has been a mix of different topics – with one big scoop of photo essays from Hong Kong, and the rest being whatever topics take my fancy. I’ve decided to split off the Hong Kong related content into a new blog, titled: Checkerboard Hill (An Aussie’s view of Hong Kong) You can find the […]

The heritage end of Bourke Street

When one thinks of heritage listed buildings on Bourke Street in Melbourne, this classical styled 150 year old building usually comes to mind, but I have something else in mind…

"Parliament of Victoria"

Melbourne’s abandoned airfield

For anyone who frequents the western suburbs of Melbourne, this sight should be familiar. So what is the story behind the abandoned control tower?

Sun sets on the abandoned control tower

Get out from under the clocks!

Welcome to Flinders Street Station, one part tourist hackspot, another part poorly designed railway station that doubles as a maze. Get outta my way, or I’ll have to push my way through!

Cliché photo of Flinders Street Station

The Church of Scientology presents: cheap haircuts!

I’m not sure what it is about my local area, but it seems to attract religious flyers in my mailbox, if these flyers are anything to go by.

Collection of flyers from the Church of Scientology