Get out from under the clocks!

Welcome to Flinders Street Station, one part tourist hackspot, another part poorly designed railway station that doubles as a maze.

Cliché photo of Flinders Street Station

The most famous part of the station is the clocks out the front, indicating how long until the next trains depart. Like the rest of the station the destinations displayed are way out of date – St Albans hasn’t been a regular terminus of suburban trains for almost on a decade, and another clock sits idle for the non-existent Altona line service.

OMFG! No emos bumming around on the steps of Flinders Street Station

The clocks are located above the main entry to the station, and have long served as a meeting place for Melbournians, but for much of the day they look more like the lounge room of a share house inhabited by emos and goths.

Steps of Flinders Street, covered with people bumming around as per usual

Lets count the number of public places in Melbourne where you can sit around and talk shit with your friends:

  1. At Federation Square across the street
  2. The seats beside St Paul’s Cathedral
  3. In the City Square down the road
  4. Anywhere along the Yarra River
  5. On the lawn of the State Library
  6. [the list could go on…]

Meanwhile, how many places can one walk through when catching a train from Flinders Street?

  1. Under the clocks

Get outta my way, or I’ll have to push my way through!

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3 Responses to “Get out from under the clocks!”

  1. Cliff Leigh says:

    Surely all Metro has to do is sign it “No sitting on steps” send their CSO’s out periodically to move them on.

    • Marcus says:

      There’s a ‘Please keep the stairs clear’ sign there already, only problem is that it is hidden behind a bank of vending machines inside the foyer:

      'Please keep the stairs clear' sign hidden on a wall beneath the main dome

  2. Tay says:

    So your aware those steps are heated right? It was made to sit under in fact last time it was redesigned the steps under the clocks became heated to get this a traditional hobby of city folk waiting for freinds or trajns. Ps Emos goths punks sit to the corner of the steps letting folk through normies usually block them and asians like above

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