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The Hi-Fi Bar, Melbourne Bitter, and Hipsters

A few weeks back I found myself at Melbourne’s Hi-Fi Bar, waiting for Architecture in Helsinki to take to the stage. The first thing I noticed behind the bar was the beer selection – why was the fridge stocked with Melbourne Bitter.

Time for the gig to start

Remember Stan Cash, the tin shed cowboy?

If you watched Melbourne TV back in the 1980s, the TV commercials for Stan Cash, the tin shed cowboy should be familiar. His 11 Melbourne stores selling electrical appliances and household items might be all gone, but his smiling face can still be found in the western suburb of Maidstone.

"Stan Cash, the tin shed cowboy"

Metro Trains Melbourne glorify graffitied trains?

In today’s mX I spotted this advertisement from Metro Trains Melbourne: it forms part of their “This is me” campaign, which features the stories of fictitious Melbournians who use the train. So what was so odd about it?

Latest ad in the Metro 'This is me' campaign - 'Courtney' the coffee shop owner

Melbourne’s biggest sundial

Sundials are usually a small ornament you find in the garden: this one is a bit bigger, at 28 stories tall. So what causes it?

Melbourne's biggest sundial

Secret Snowy Scheme Signage

As you might have worked out by now, I am a very observant person and it isn’t just limited to trains, if my experiences up in the Snowy Mountains are anything to go by. So what does rthis sign mean?

Secret signs on the Snowy Scheme