Melbourne’s biggest sundial

Sundials are usually a small ornament you find in the garden: this one is a bit bigger, at 28 stories tall.

Melbourne's biggest sundial

The skyscraper in question is the AMP Building, located on the corner of Bourke and William Streets. The ray of sunlight has been hitting the building around 9 am for the past few winter mornings, and takes around 30 minutes to sweep the building from right to left.

The narrow beam is due to the shadows cast by two skyscrapers to the east: BHP House across the road, and the NAB headquarters at 500 Bourke Street. The phenomenon is dependant on the angle of the rising sun each morning, and hence the time of year. For comparison this photo is from back in April, when there were no shadows at all.

Straight lines

With the “sundial” only active for a few months a year, I suggest you find some other way to tell the time!

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