Remember Stan Cash, the tin shed cowboy?

If you watched Melbourne TV back in the 1980s, then this commercial for Stan Cash, the tin shed cowboy should be familiar. For me, it was a little before my time.

Back in 1985 he had 11 stores selling electrical appliances and household items around Melbourne, the majority of them located in the northern and western suburbs:

  • Werribee
  • Footscray
  • Maidstone
  • Sunshine
  • St Albans
  • Essendon
  • Oak Park
  • Thomastown
  • Greensborough
  • Coburg
  • Brighton

Today the stores might be all gone, but his smiling face can still be found in the western suburb of Maidstone.

Stan Cash lives on in the western Melbourne suburb of Maidstone

His hat can be seen from a mile away!

"Stan Cash, the tin shed cowboy"

You can also get your own piece of the Stan Cash action in t-shirt form, thanks to the wonders of the interwebs.


After many years Stan Cash rides again – this time on Geelong Road in Brooklyn. I spotted the following store in December 2012 – the signs out the front said ‘opening soon’:

Stan Cash rises again!

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15 Responses to “Remember Stan Cash, the tin shed cowboy?”

  1. Aussie Guy says:

    I loved stan cash. You can even get him on a tshirt now. Brings back memories of the 80’s like TDK

  2. Mark says:

    I hear Stan Cash is coming back in a few months, somewhere in the western suburbs of Melbourne

  3. Bill Blue says:

    Stan Cash is back on Geelong Rd in Braybrook!!!! Check it out and follow them on facebook!

    • Marcus says:

      How is this for coincidence – while you were posting that very comment, I was driving down Geelong Road in Brooklyn (not Braybrook) and spotted said store – I’ve added the photo to the postscript.

  4. Denis Guest says:

    I was the original sign writer to all Stan Cash stores. Stan Raftis was the original owner who partnered up with Robert Soek
    To eventually to be bought out by Leo Wings a furniture salesman who worked for Stan Cash, who eventually sent Stan Cash to the wall. The original owner (Stan Raftos) lives in Perth currently dying of cancer. I advised him of the re-birth of the Stan Cash brand and Robert Soeks stewardship. He advised me of his deep respect of Robert and wished him well.

    • Marcus says:

      Thanks for the info Denis – looks like there is quite the story behind the store.

    • James O'Keefe says:


      I worked for Stan Raftos at the Middle Park Hotel in the early 90’s. I am saddened to here of him being so sick. He was a great bloke to work for.


      James O’Keefe.

    • Leo Wings says:

      Dear Denis

      It is a long time ago and some things you say are o.k but not all

      First of all Robert was not the partner of Stan Raftos at all
      I did start of the stan cash stores with stan and we worked for a couple of years together till Stan sold out to me thenI run stan cash for another 9 years and was bought out as we were a very good and profiable company
      Robert Soek and Joe Spano and Robert joint meabout 12 months after Stan had left
      the 3 of us still see each other and get on well and also wish Robert Soek all the best in his large store in Brooklyn and we are in touch
      It is also very sad to hear about Stan Raftos and hope for the best for him
      So you have some thing right but hope this will help the memory’s
      and you were the best sign writer I think

      Good luck Robert (Stan Cash WHO IS THAT MAN)

    • Leo Wings says:

      Dear Denis

      Further to your remarks

      STAN CASH went on to have 17 stores employing about 300 people and was very sucsesful And it did not go to the wall (your words)at all after selling the company for a figure that we could not refuse it went on trading for a number of years making a good profit

      Joe Spano, Robert Soek,and myself went on again doing well and still doing so and with all the skill of Robert I am sure that it will do well.

      As for you doing our sign writing I did pay your bill for more then 9 years
      and always well before time so I think you must remember that.

      REGARDS Leo

  5. Denis guest says:

    Leo, thanks for clearing up my errors. I never ever had a problem with payment in my dealings with stan cash under stan or your steward ship and did not infer that. My time working for stan cash was a life experience that i and my staff enjoyed. I would also like to inform you and all the people that ever worked for the founding father of stan cash Stan Raftos that sadly he lost his life to brain cancer on the ninth of april 2013 In Perth

  6. Eric Beeston says:

    Hi Leo, great to note you are still around. As you know I worked with you for a few years. I have very fond memories of that time.
    Are you involved in the rebirth of Stan Cash?
    Eric B

  7. Nerissa says:

    Yes, its back up and running again in Brooklyn, plus another outlet in Keilor Park!

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