The Hi-Fi Bar, Melbourne Bitter, and Hipsters

A few weeks back I found myself at Melbourne’s Hi-Fi Bar, waiting for Architecture in Helsinki to take to the stage.

Time for the gig to start

The first thing I noticed behind the bar was the beer selection – the glass fronted fridge was packed to the top with Melbourne Bitter. For those who don’t know, for most people Melbourne Bitter is a cheap bottom rung beer that tastes worse than cat piss, but there are some people out there who think it is drinkable.

The first and only time I’ve drunk Melbourne Bitter was during uni O-Week back in 2005, when they were giving it away for free. Strangely enough said drinking session was before a different Architecture in Helsinki gig – how is that for coincidence?

Meanwhile back at the Hi-Fi Bar, the Melbourne Bitter isn’t free but $6.50 a can. As the cheapest drink at the bar it was still walking out of the door, but if you wanted something more drinkable, a stubby of Mountain Goat or Coopers Pale would set you back around $9.00.

I’m not sure what market the Hi-Fi Bar is going for with their beer selection – I’m blaming hipsters trying to be ironic. Whoever they are, the floor still ends up beer soaked by the end of the night.

All over, only the empty bottles left behind

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3 Responses to “The Hi-Fi Bar, Melbourne Bitter, and Hipsters”

  1. Sledge says:

    Thank god all you fools are not drinking Melbourne because that means the beers are always going to be cold at the bottle shop. WIN. You may find me wong but you do not get a hangover on Melbourne Bitter

  2. Troy Darby says:

    You tool bag!!!! Melbourne bitter is probably a bit to much for your piss week taste buds.
    It’s a beer made for beer drinkers not yuppy want to be beer critics. For your information
    Melbourne is actually more expensive than some imported beers.
    Stick to drinking those wine/piss tasting import beers or maybe just drink
    Carlton dry or pure blonde like everyone else that hates the real taste of beer and would prefer
    To drink something with a froth that has less taste than water!!!!! Yuppy wanker!!!!

  3. cam lewis says:

    Hey wanker, bet you drink watery beer with your trendy wanker mates, melb is a very hearty true beer with a great taste, not a bullshit trend beer.

    you tool

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