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My history of broken cameras – a case for extended warranties?

To quote cartoon character Homer Simpson:

Extended warranty! How can I lose?

For people like myself extended warranties on electronic items are usually seen as a worthless and high-profit add-on pushed by salespeople with targets to meet. However when I look back the failure rate of my camera equipment over the years, an extended warranty from a reputable company starts to look like a reasonable purchase.

Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM pulled to pieces

Street art in Footscray

Back in July I stumbled upon this naked woman on a wall in the Melbourne suburb of Footscray. So what gices?

Naked woman on a wall in Footscray

Visiting Motel Hell in Hawthorn

Welcome to Melbourne’s Motel California: located in Barker Road in the inner eastern suburb of Hawthorn. The view back in 2005 is quite different to what you see today.

Hawthorn's Motel California in 2005

Driving down Melbourne’s Swanston Street

Driving down Melbourne’s Swanston Street is something that wasn’t been possible since 1992: the year when the section between Flinders and La Trobe Streets was closed to private cars and redeveloped as Swanston Street Walk. Despite this, some people don’t get the hint…

Another lost tourist?

Before and After: refurbishing a warehouse

Back in 2007 I was wandering along Adderley Street in West Melbourne on my way to V/Line’s Dudley Street carriage sidings, when I took a photograph of this random warehouse for reasons that I can no longer recall. So what does it look like today?

Before: "Public Office" at 100 Adderley Street, West Melbourne