Street art in Footscray

Back in July I stumbled upon this naked woman on a wall in the Melbourne suburb of Footscray.

Naked woman on a wall in Footscray

This piece is by an artist named “Baby Guerilla” who has done a number of other pieces around the area. Called ‘paste ups’ these artworks are produced on paper then pasted to the wall like a poster – far less disruptive than graffiti sprayed upon a wall.

I have since discovered another paste up piece in Footscray, but of a different style so I presume it is by a different artist. Feature Lego men wielding weapons, this piece consists of painted newspapers pasted onto the wall.

'Paste up' street art in Footscray

It’s nice to seem something other than just a scribble on the wall.

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3 Responses to “Street art in Footscray”

  1. DG-Y says:

    All good,
    Has anyone seen the big cat’s graffiti around footscray and surrounds? Been up a while by the look of it and even spotted them in cbd.

    Can anyone fess up?

  2. steve says:

    Paste up is not art Paste up is dog shit When u see this dog shit painted over defaced etc etc it will be me doin it love steve !!

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