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223 William: Melbourne’s mothballed law court

Welcome to the William Cooper Justice Centre, located in the middle of Melbourne’s legal district at the corner of William and Lonsdale Streets in the city. The centre was officially opened by Deputy Premier and Attorney-General Rob Hulls on Wednesday, 6 October 2010 but one year on, the foyer is empty and the security equipment still to be unpacked. So why is everything mothballed?

223 William Street, Melbourne

RACV Board elections: does anyone care?

If you are one of 2 million Victorians who are RACV members then you would have received one of these packages in the mail a few weeks ago: the paperwork for this year’s board elections. If you can’t find it then you’ve probably thrown it in the bin, just like the majority of RACV members.

RACV Board elections: does anyone care?